February 2015 New Music Playlist

Here’s a look at the new music being played this month on the Penguin. We mix the songs on this list with songs from previous playlists in the past few years as well as cuts from the last few decades.  Tune in at http://www.ThePenguinRocks.com
Anjelia – Kiss My Ass
Anthony D’Amato – Good And Ready
Axle Creek – Blind Eyes
Bleachers – Who I Want You to Love
Cable Street Collective – Wasted Hours
Celestine – Ghost Town
Christian Beach – Silver Horse
Cold War Kids – Hotel Anywhere
Colin Hay – If I Had Been a Better Man
Conor Oberst – Artifact #1
Counting Crows – Possibility Days
Courtney Yasmineh – Stupid With Your Love
David Arn – When You Lost Your Situation
Derek Fawcett – Drive Away Cryin’
Devon – Own Little Drum
Don Lee – Part of Nothing
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – Shine Like Lightning
Dulcie Taylor – Only Worn One Time
Ed Sheeran – I See Fire
Ed Tang & The Chops – Bill, I Believe This Is Killing Me
Edit/Select – Lets Take A Chance
Filter Distortion – Neon Nights
Francis Lombardi – All I Can Do Is Write About It
Hey Rosetta! – Soft Offering (For The Oft Suffering)
HOLDFAST – BeHind This Hood
Hunter & The Dirty Jacks – Kennel Howl
Hunter Leath – Counting on Maybe
Iridesense – Mind Control Society
Jack Kerowax – Fever
Jess Klein – Open Road
Joshua Van Ness And MOR – I’m Sorry
JPNSGRLS – Laughing Gas
Justin Townes Earle – Today and a Lonely Night
Karen Mansfield – Your Lies
Kevin John Allen and Friends – Haunted Love
Lauren Marsh – Ledge
Michael Askin – Mercy of the Radio
Mighty Mighty – A Spoke In My Wheel
Mike Mattison – Going Home
Nik Everett – Darkness
Paul Kelly – Smells Like Rain (w/Linda Bull)
Peur – Hollow Skies
Proper – Release Me
RAYNE – Love, Live, Learn
Red Wanting Blue – Hotel Oblivion
Science! – Hold on to Your Hats (Cause We’re Going Down)
Secret Lie – Trying to reach
Shel – Like Minded Fool
Shovels & Rope – Mary Ann & One Eyed Dan
Son of Dov – Without A Halo
Sounds From Atlantis – In After the Rain At the Town’s Edge
Sunshine Riot – Elizabeth Stone (Featuring Carl Smitty Smooth)
The Belle Sounds – The Siren
The Big Bend – She Sold Me Out
The Devyl Nellys – Give It
The Electro-Lights – Don’t Even Know
The Kut – I Want You Maniac
The Little Secrets – The Little Secrets – All I Need
The Morning Sea – Talk Yourself Down
The Porchistas – The Moon Saloon
The Slow Readers Club – Feet on Fire (Live)
The Successful Failures – 1954
The Trews – Under The Sun
The Young Ones – Graduation
Tina and The B-Sides – Sweet Release
Tommy Strazza – Sunday
Trevor Sewell – This Moment’s Gone
U2 – Every Breaking Wave
War Poets – Upside Down
We Shot The Moon – Run
Will Kimbrough – I Want Too Much
Zak Smith – No Plan B
Zarko – Rainbow


New Website Design

If you haven’t seen it, we put a new website design up to start the new year.  We’re still working on things in the background and you can look forward to a change in the playlist a bit as well.  The station will still mostly be new music (about 6 or 7 of every 10 songs played) but we’re going back to our roots and adding some classic tracks and obscure nuggets from the past into the mix as well.