June 16-30, 2013 Playlist On The Penguin

Here are the songs in heavy rotation this month on The Penguin. The station plays a mix of these tunes along with songs from previous playlists of the last three years as well as selected songs from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Songs are from artists throughout the world. Tune in at http://www.ThePenguinRocks.com

Ambert Hunter – Sugar Beauty
Andrew Peterson – The Ballad of Jody Baxter
Arlon Bennett – I America
Billy Redfield – California Sun
Bruise – Jennifer
Cal Scott – One More River
Changing Modes – Down To You
Cody Fry – Underground
Colie Brice – Love
Dawes – Hey Lover
DownTown Mystic – Lost and Found
Drew Schofield – Something New
DRGN KING – Caught Down
Dw Dunphy – Head Without A Heart
Enter the Haggis – Cameos
Eric Scott – Take My Love
Erich McMann – The Ghost Of Senior Carmello
Eryn Shewell – Fall
Franco and the Dreadnought – Muskateers
Greta Gaines – Door 2 Door
Hadrian’s Union – Wandering Winnie
J.J. Crowne – Only Time
Jadea Kelly – Coal Mine
Jades of Blue – 20 Years
JAMERSoN – Do Things! Joe D’Urso & Stone Caravan – All My Friends
Johnny Hoffman and the Residents – Mississippi Woman
Johnny Punish – Friday Night Angel
Judah & The Lion – Back’s Against The Wall
Kane Harrison – Crazy
Kelsey Lewis – beautiful view
Kimon – What Happened To Reason?
Laroy and Co – Answers
Lightning Jar – Summerworld
Louise Aubrie – Tonight At Ronnie’s
Man On Earth – Bombs Around Me
Mary Jane’s Pride – Pine Box Letter
Maxim Senin – Do Your Worst!
Nova Risa – Freedom Of Goodbye
Peter Waldman – When You Fall For Me
Phosphorescent – Song for Zula
Randy Cherkis – When A Super Hero Falls In Love
RAYNE – Raise The Alarm
Readymade Breakup – Tired
Reno Divorce – Sunsets & Corvettes
Rob Nance – Ain’t Losing Yet
Ryan Michalski – You Told Me You Love Me
Sea of Bees – BROKE
Seabird – Rescue (‘Til We See The Shore)
Secret Powers – Caroline
Side2 – Dip Of Honey
Sit Kitty Sit – My Beloved
Skunkmello – The Way Down
Slim Chance & the Gamblers – Harbor Heart
Sofa King – Dog Day
Space Waves – Turns
Steph Macpherson – Silver Platter
Steve Kunzman – About To Disappear
Steve Martin & Edie Brickell – Fighter
Stranger Than This – Can’t See You Tonight Tamika – Over You Tonight
Tegan and Sara – Love They Say
The Battery Electric – Golden Roses
The Carnival Kids – Bitter Holding
The Fox & The Hounds – Back to You
The Hawthorne Effect – Devil Don’t Care
The New Benjamin Britton – Come Into The Moment
The Porchistas – I Need More
The Quinn Hedges Band – Mine
The Rebel Light – Wake Up Your Mind
The Sunday Blues – The Overthrow
Tom Jones – (I Want To) Come Home
Tracorum – Lady of the Night
Troy Cartwright – Paris, TX

Welcome to The Penguin!


As you can see, we’re just getting started with this blog.  It’s taken a lot longer than expected, but we hope to have a lot of content up shortly.

If you’ve never heard of The Penguin, we’re an online radio station from Belmar, NJ.  We play indie artists (mostly rock and americana) from around the world.  Every two weeks, Gary Wien puts together a playlist of 75 songs for heavy rotation.  These songs are then rotated throughout the day with previous playlists from the year, previous lists from the last 2 years, and lists of songs from the past decade.  We think it’s a pretty good mix and we think you will too.   If you love discovering new artists, check us out at http://www.ThePenguinRocks.com

We don’t follow the charts… we make our own!